Writing a 5 year strategic plan church

Church Planning Part 2:

Writing a 5 year strategic plan church

InGrace Church engaged in a self-study. We used the resources of the Gallup Organization to determine our spiritual health. The study helped us to examine the extent of congregational engagement and spiritual health. InGrace Church began a process of strategic planning.

We asked questions about membership, the property and its use, stewardship, education, outreach and parish life. We also acquired information from the National Office of the Episcopal Church.

The information charted the location of our parish in the institutional life-cycle patterns. The information and discussions indicated that Grace Church had achieved a position of only relative stability. We are one of a group of "transitional" which is defined as a Church with an average Sunday attendance of to We are at a tipping point.

We can make a commitment to growth and health, or we can decline and face the fate of many parishes death. The data shows us that parishes slightly smaller than us, with an average Sunday attendance offace a number of difficulties.

They are unable to meet their commitment to the Diocese, they fail to maintain their church buildings, and they find it difficult to pay for a full-time clergy person.

Many of these churches will not survive to the end of this decade. The Diocese of New Jersey has already been forced to close four churches in the past two years. Two of those churches were in Camden Convocation of which we are part. Congregational development studies show that Grace Church faces two choices.

We can ignore the issues and face a continuing decline and possibly death or we can commit to a process of redefinition that will lead us to growth and life. Redefinition faces a number of structural conditions. Some people dislike and resist change.

We can too easily fail to understand the sources and reasons for our particular customs and traditions.

writing a 5 year strategic plan church

All Churches must periodically examine the state of their spirituality as both individuals and a parish. The studies, from people like the National Church and Gallup, show us that we must become more comfortable with diversity and a variety of practices.

There is more than one way to redefine and foster church growth. In Januarythe Vestry established a new vision statement. It is our hope it will guide us in the process of redefinition and growth that will ensure our life, health and future.

The process that we have engaged is grounded in our faith as Christians, and centered in our Lord, Jesus Christ. The learning has been multifaceted. The possibilities are many. The challenges are exciting. It is our hope that you will join us in this next exciting phase of Grace Church.

Together, we can build a future for Grace Church that we will not only be proud of, but that will attract many more people. May God bless us in this adventure!Neighbourhood planning is a way for local communities to decide the future of their areas. Successful Neighbourhood Plans will form part of the development plan used by Chichester District Council in determining planning applications.

Steps toward a solid plan for your church. Who We Are. Our Ministry; What appear to be the most viable options for strengthening the ministry of our church? 5. Strategic Planning.

We want a culture of spiritual excellence to prevail in our Church and we are dedicated to identifying any area in which we can improve. That spirit, combined with our mission, vision and purpose, has guided us in the formation of this 5-Year Strategic Plan.

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