To kill a mockingbird man s inhumanity to man

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To kill a mockingbird man s inhumanity to man

Share Shares 28K It has been a little while since we have last visited the domain of the macabre here at the List Universe. Although trials were conducted in some of the following cases, ultimately they remain unsolved. This list is presented in no particular order, with the exception of item 1.

Five members of the Siegrist family ranging in ages from 45 to 80 years old were found dead in a weekend home in the protected forest of Seewen. Police suspect that only two of the family members were the targeted victims, while the other three just had the unfortunate luck to be in the home as well.

The cause of death was obvious, 13 rounds from a Winchester type shotgun. What was a little more surprising was the accuracy of the rounds fired.

To this day the majority of the Swiss public believes the likely murderer to be Carl Doser pictured aboveInan Italian made Winchester shotgun was found hidden in the walls of the Doser home.

Forensic testing determined that this was indeed the murder weapon, but no motive, nor documentation of any meetings between Doser and the victims has ever been verified and he remains only a suspect.

A second theory revolves around Johnny Siegrist, a family member to the victims, who may have been assisted by Doser.

Samuel Hamilton

Johnny was the likely purchaser of ammunition at Basler Steinenvorstadt, and the clerk recalls being asked if the Kal.

Possible motive…Being belittled by the family. The series ran for 6 years and Crane became beloved for his manly good looks and engagingly roguish demeanor in his attempts to sabotage the Nazi war effort from the confines of a POW camp.

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This addiction not only involved innumerable sexual encounters with young women, and heavy activity in the underground sex scene, but developed into an obsession with cameras, sex films and the newly developed world of video. On June 29, Crane was discovered bludgeoned to death in his Scottsdale, Arizona apartment.

No, NOT the famous director, this Carpenter was a fellow sex addict who introduced Crane to the use of video in their sexual activities. Carpenter admits that he was with Crane his last night alive, but denies that he was the one who killed Crane with multiples blows to the head with a video tripod, even though brain matter was found in the rental car that Carpenter was driving.

In Fossey founded the Karisoke Research Center, the base of operations for her studies, located deep within the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda.

Her book, Gorillas in the Mist, remains the best-selling book about gorillas of all time, and she sold the rights to Universal Studios for one million dollars so she could continue to fund her research and conservation efforts.

In Fossey was found dead in her bed at the Karisoke site.

To kill a mockingbird man s inhumanity to man

She was found with the machete she had confiscated from poachers and hung upon her wall, buried in her skull. Evidence found at the scene incriminated employees of the research center and the entire staff was arrested.

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They were subsequently released. No one has ever been prosecuted for her murder, though many theories abound, concentrating upon the illicit black market and the poaching of gorillas and other protected wildlife.

Chances are no one will ever be prosecuted. Fossey is buried next to her cherished gorilla friend Digit, at the Karisoke Research Center, in the special graveyard she constructed for the gorillas that she spent the better part of her life studying.

There have been two trials regarding this case, one in and one inbut all three suspects were acquitted. He has traveled to Africa over times and invested over 1 million pounds in his attempts to bring the killer s to justice, but since the involvement of high power officials like former President Daniel Moi and concerns for the safety of the Kenyan tourism industry there have been no killers convicted to this day.

Amber Hagerman was a beautiful little 10 year old girl from Arlington, Texas. On January 13, a young playmate was able to provide to police a description of the man who quickly and forcibly pushed Amber into his black van and sped away.

To kill a mockingbird man s inhumanity to man

A search for the van was immediately organized, but it was four days before her little body was found. Her throat was cut, but not until two days after her abduction. In Terapon Adhahn, of Tacoma, Washington was arrested in connection to a series of child abduction rapes in the Washington state area, and he is the only suspect to date for the murder of Amber, although no charges for her murder have been able to be served.

Amber leaves behind a legacy. The Amber Alert is a public notification system adopted in the U. In AprilPresident George W.

American born rapper and actor, Tupac has been featured in quite a few lists here at ListVerse, and now one more.

The night that Tupac was fatally shot is quite well documented. Stopped at a red light, their car was boxed in on three sides by other vehicles and a fourth car rolled up on the left and started shooting.

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The Hunger Games has 5,, ratings and , reviews. Kiki said: I have got to stop poking fun at this series with memes. Someone take them away. Samuel Hamilton. As the gentle, selfless patriarch of the Hamilton family, Samuel stands in sharp contrast to Cyrus, the dishonest patriarch of the Trask family.

Molten Man (Mark Raxton) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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