The red umbrella

Fidel Castro, has proclaimed Cuba a socialist nation and abolished elections.

The red umbrella

May, List Price: A secret plan, to save the children, they must be sent away… Alone! The main characters are Lucia, Frankie, Mr. This historical fiction book is sure to please. However, The Red Umbrella is a non-series book. The story follows 14 year-old Lucia Alvarez as she moves from her carefree life in Cuba to struggling to make a new life in Nebraska.

The story starts with Lucia and Frankie hanging out at the beach, showing how easy her life is in the year Soon, the communist revolution hits Lucia. Her friends are joining the revolutionary brigades and neighbors are disappearing. Lucia witnesses firsthand the terror the revolution has caused, people getting shot and an anti-revolutionary pharmacist hanged in public.

Manuel, her crush, is against her life style. Everything seems wrong for Lucia.

The red umbrella

Things get worse when her family makes the heart-tearing decision. They buy airplane tickets for Lucia and Frankie; only Lucia and Frankie. The two Alvarez kids are put into a new country, new fashions, new languages, and well-meaning strangers. Will Lucia and Frankie ever go home?

All answers lie under the cover of The Red Umbrella. This book is going to be boring! It is also filled with hilarious moments, like in the scene where Mrs.

Baxter urges Lucia to eats Tabasco sauce with eggs: Mexico yes, Cuba no. It told what people had to go through to survive during the revolution.The Red Umbrella is a moving tale of a year-old girl's journey from Cuba to America as part of Operation Pedro Pan—an organized exodus of more than 14, unaccompanied children, whose.

The Red Umbrella is a beautiful and touching story. The author, Christina Diaz Gonzalez, did a fantastic job conveying a range of emotions, fear and loneliness all the Pedro Pan children must have felt.

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She also honors the american families that opened their homes to these children. The Red Umbrella is a wonderful well written book/5(39). The Red Umbrella. By Eric Samuel Timm | License of Use. $ This word painting by orator and artist Eric Samuel Timm is the concise element to explore two deep truths uncovered during the Easter season and celebration.

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The red umbrella

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The Red Umbrella / La Sombrilla Roja – Christina Diaz Gonzalez