Sri lankan english essays for kids

Ethnic make-up[ change change source ] Sri Lanka has three main ethnic groups.

Sri lankan english essays for kids

sri lankan english essays for kids

In the evening when the moon sets, The eyes of bats open wide. Children stop playing and go back home. Shops are closed for the day, Darkness appears little by little And the night dominates.

At midnight thieves come to steal, But they cannot hide from the moon. The sun rises and the children open their eyes Moon disappears and day begins. Aysha Amani Grade 5 Royal Int.

School, Kegalle An unforgettable trip We went on a trip to England for a few months. I had lots of fun while we were travelling. It was a great experience for us. We went there after two days.

I was so excited. After we went there we had lots of fun playing tennis. Then at night we settled in a great five-star hotel. We had our dinner from that hotel. It was very delicious. It was near the hotel. All of us went to Bits Park to play. We were very fortunate because it was winter season as well as snowy days.

We made a snowman and played with snowballs. Then after a few days, my parents as well as my uncle entered me into a famous school in England. I learned to speak English properly from my school.

My life was changed from that day. I met a myriad of friends called Daisy, Molly and Kara. My sister and my brother also entered into a school. I have never seen snow before that day. We went to see a duck park.

sri lankan english essays for kids

It was a fantastic park. Dilmi Nipuna Grade 10 Tangalle B. My hobby A hobby is nothing but to have a change in the routine work. It is a happy union of profit and pleasure.

There are varieties of hobbies. My hobby is gardening.Essays in English Essays in Sinhala.

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10TH KEISHO INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN ART EXHIBITION SRI LANKAN WINNERS. Held At: Civic Gallery, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Sri Lanka Coordinator: Aichilanka Medical Centre, 43, Watamawatha, Piliyandala Sri .

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Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon before and became independent in its constitution claimed it an independent republic. This anthology consists of articles on Sri Lankan literary works written (with a few exceptions) in English. For the benefit of non-Sri Lankan readers, something of the necessary historical, political and cultural background is provided.

Conflicts in Multi Ethnic Societies.


added to their already tensed relations. ‘ Sinhala Only ‘ Policy When Sri Lanka was under British rule, English-educated Tamils could enter the government service and be promoted. The Sinhalese were the majority in the country but were disadvantaged as they could not speak or write English well.

My Country Is Sri Lanka My Country Is Sri Lanka The name of my country is Sri Lanka. Its capital is Sri Jayewardenepura kotte. The official Languages are Sinhala, English & Tamil.

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