Research papers bureacratic stucture

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Research papers bureacratic stucture

TUP Team provides a bureaucracy research paper as a sample to educate students about the case in the United States. Modern states, organizations and corporations all owe their existence, growth in size and expansion to bureaucracy, a term which on the one hand represents part and parcel of Research papers bureacratic stucture and development, and on the other hand, represents a major problem and issue to be dealt with today and in the coming decades.

Bureaucracy by definition is a rational relationship within human groups. It is a form of organization that is based on hierarchy and whose intended aim was to establish a hierarchical flow of authority, command, responsibility and accountability within a system.

During the past four hundred years, bureaucracy has developed very quickly, thus laying grounds for modern states, especially in the United States and Europe.

Today, however, bureaucracy has become a burden and a major problem for many countries, particularly for major countries whose bureaucracies are considered to be the largest all over the world.

By far, the US has the largest bureaucracy in the world. The earliest serious scientific concern with bureaucracy was displayed by the famous sociologist Max Weber who died in Today, however, thousands of studies are conducted on this issue, particularly in the US where bureaucracy is facing serious problems leading to its decline.

One of the most important causes leading to the decline of bureaucracy in the US is the increasing politicization of bureaucracy. Since the late s, the number of politicians entering the public service has increased dramatically.

While this has contributed to infusing American bureaucracy with fresh blood, it has also undermined the structure of this bureaucracy. Politicians inside bureaucracy are considered to be amateurs because they lack solid experience, sufficient skills and most importantly, the necessary commitment.

The majority of these politicians consider public service as a ladder onto which they climb in order to achieve their political goals, none of which are related to public service or good.

In this sense, pubic service is no longer a career for these politicians, but rather, a means to an end. Over the years, this has undermined the effectiveness and nature of bureaucracy and public service in the US in a number of ways. First of all, it has contributed to a severe decline in morality and morale in public service.

The decline in morality is evidently due to the lack of commitment as well as to the increased reliance on public service as an opportunity rather than a career. On the other hand, the collapse of morale is due to the increasing influence of politicians inside the bureaucracy accompanied with a decline in the role and representation of genuine and committed public servants who take public service as a serious career.

Secondly, as the number of politicians in the public service increased, the number of professionals decreased. This has definitely resulted in a decline in the quality of services provided by the bureaucracy in America, but more importantly, it has minimized the influence of professionals in the formulation of public policy.

Accordingly, over the years, this has negatively impacted efficiency, leading to a fast increase in costs but at the same time, a decline in quality and output. Politicization inside the American bureaucracy is not only limited to the appointment and division of personnel, but also to the operation of this bureaucracy.

The past twenty years have witnessed an overwhelming increase in the reliance of elected officials on TV and other media in order to pass their messages. It is noticed, however, that the majority of these messages are politically oriented, usually towards re-election or towards achieving a higher political status within the bureaucracy.

Accordingly, this movement of politicization has also been accompanied by a fast increase in the number of promises to the public.

At the same time, however, this growth of promises has been accompanied by relatively declining resources. Accordingly, this gives priority to politically-oriented goals at the expense of development plans and objectives.

This is not to mention the fact that on many occasions, elected officials actually make too many promises that they cannot meet, hence damaging the image of public service and bureaucracy.Structure for Research Designs, Theses, and Papers The elements or sections of a research design, thesis, and paper are general categories.

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Mintzberg (, ) suggests that organizations can be differentiated along three basic dimensions: (1) the key part of the organization, that is, the part of the organization business, personnel, public relations, research and development, and the like constitute the technostructure.

Research papers bureacratic stucture

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