Reasons why teens end up in

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Reasons why teens end up in

Print this Article There is a lot of writing online about how to get your baby to sleep through the night during infancy but not as much expertise to help those of us with toddlers and preschoolers who wake a number of times.

Recent data shows that 1 in 5 infants who have trouble sleeping may continue to have challenges during the toddler years. Clearly challenges with sleep that span multiple years affect many of us.

Reasons why teens end up in

I turned to a pediatric sleep expert for help. Craig Canapari is a doctor I met on Twitter of all places who answered questions surrounding sleep challenges for toddlers.

Why does my toddler wake up at night? Every parents has experienced the dreaded 2 AM call. You hear your little one stirring on the monitor. Most babies are capable of sustained sleep hours in a row at night by age six months. If you are nursing your child, it may take them a bit longer to achieve this.

I think that it is reasonable that every child should sleep through the night most nights by months of age. Now, every child wakes up sometimes at night.

I view the awakenings as a problem if they are more than a few minutes in duration, occurring multiple times at night, or resulting in significant daytime irritability for either the child or the parents.

If your child is having problematic nocturnal awakenings, there are a few possible causes: This is the classic sleep disorder of childhood described popularized by Dr.

For example, you are rubbing his back or holding her; she is nursing; he has a pacifier in his mouth. During the night your child cycles through deeper sleep, lighter sleep, and then may wake up for a minute or two every few hours.

You fix this problem by teaching your child to fall asleep on your their own by having them go to bed drowsy but awake.

Reasons why teens end up in

Sometimes, moving their bedtime later by 30 minutes may help with this process. They may fuss for a night or two but the awakenings should go away in a week. They are conditioned to expect food at night so they wake up looking for it. If your child is over one, healthy, and feeding multiple times at night and requiring diaper changes, this is likely your problem.

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If your child falls asleep eating or nursing you may have sleep association issues as well. I recommend reducing the volume of the bottles by an ounce or increasing the intervals between nursing by an hour nightly which should address this.

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