Nivea sun case study

A Case Study in Market Segmentation A careful market segmentation is critical to successfully selling products; you need to understand what makes different consumers tick and how best to reach them.

Nivea sun case study

Ltd, owner of the No. This brand has a history of around years. Nivea came into existence in the year As ofthe companys line of skin products is marketed in about countries Nivea skin care was the first product line which introduced the skin cream that did not separate into water and oil.

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The main reason for the companys success is the marriage of marketing and research development within the company. They ensure the quality through constant testing and consumer feed back obtained via marketing research. Nivea began marketing in the s.

They changed their logo and their after started selling their product around the world.

Nivea sun case study

Inthey broke from tradition of advertising with Nivea girls and began advertising with the Nivea boys. This ad helped them build strong customer relationship and values In the s Nivea faced competition for the first time.

To overcome this they relied heavily on marketing research, which helped them formulate a two-pronged strategy. The first strategy was using of new advertising campaign called Crme de la Crme and the second was the introduction of new product.

In the s, Nivea began branding with sub brands i. They dint wanted to dilute the brand name and wanted to link the new brands with the traditional values of core brandCont.

Nivea was able to continue their success in the s as their sales grew rapidly throughout the decade. The most successful products were their anti wrinkle cream and an entire line of cosmetics. Their greatest challenge is in the U. Nivea hopes to over come these obstacles through the use of extensive marketing research.

This will lead Nivea to conduct more product launches and to develop focused marketing strategies. Nivea focuses on consistency in their marketing because it can be troublesome for them to communicate the same message across various cultures.

Nivea believes that maintenance of this consistency will give them an edge over competitors1. Nivea would like to increase its share of U. Define the management problem Most largest and dynamic market in the world and there brand is not as strong as in other parts of the world.

Define an appropriate marketing research problem based on the management decision problem you identified in question 1. Marketing research problem is to determine consumer preferences for nivea skin care and cosmetics What criteria do consumers use for evaluating skin care.

How do consumers evaluate various brands of skin care and cosmetics in terms of choice creiteria3. Nivea would like to undertake research to understand the preferences of American consumers for skin care product.NIVEA Original Lip Care is the perfect lip balm for women which provides protection and nourishes your lips making them look & feel their best everyday.

It all started, as it may sound strange, with the patch.

Nivea sun case study

In Germany, back in the pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf invented the band-aid, and after his invention founded Beiersdorf, which today is a giant in the cosmetics industry. • Nivea sunscreen soap sun block soap is a new product concept. • Nivea sunscreen soap is not known by many people that are brand name has yet to be established.

• Nivea sunscreen soap is facing high competition directly with the soap market And indirectly with the wide range of sun . Nivea sun protection products: a case study in market, nivea sun protection products: a case study in market segmentation by the editors a careful market segmentation is critical to successfully selling products; you need to understand what makes different consumers tick and how best to reach.

Segmentation case study-nevia 1. Segmentation A NIVEA case study Page 1: Introduction Beiersdorf is the international skin care company behind the leading brands NIVEA. With age, skin becomes weaker to protect itself from Sun mellow.

Protect with proper creams. While you are top be got rid of. Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream Hydrolyzed Collagen Study Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream Jade So in this case, laser treatment offers dual benefit.

It not only gets regarding the scarring, but also prohibits.

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