Managing the selection process of cloud

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Managing the selection process of cloud

Business Financial Which is more desirable for your program; operational expense or a capital expense? Cloud pricing is consumption based; this may be desirable in cases where demand is controlled, however in some cases where consumption may spike; can your program absorb these costs within its revenue model?

Speed Consider the speed with which you require a solution. Solutions with standardized offerings and pricing provide rapid access. Longevity Consider for how long you will need the solution. Financial One of the advertised benefits of a public cloud environment is to convert IT spending from a capital expense to an operational expense.

This is often a benefit in a private sector setting where increased consumption of an IT resource such as a website results in increased costs, may be offset by the additional revenue generated.

This is often not the case for public sector services. One should consider the long-term cost of public vs private cloud. Public cloud provides a low entry cost with operating costs tied to consumption. This introduces the risk that if an unplanned rise in consumption occurs, costs rise and may become a financial liability to your budgeting process.

Private cloud typically requires a higher initial cost and higher operating cost or reinvestment as assets age. Private cloud may or may not have consumption-based pricing. If a capital expenditure is desired, a private cloud model may be preferred.

If an operational expenditure is desired, a public cloud may be preferred. Financial Trend Financial Trend - Text version Spectrum of deployment model options with trending of opex towards public cloud and capex towards non-cloud.

Speed Public cloud provides rapid access to computing services. Programs often have a requirement to rapidly deploy solutions to meet the needs of new or evolving legislative changes to meet the priority of Parliament.

The speed of public cloud offerings comes at the price of standardization; the ability to customize the offering may be constrained. If rapid access to on demand services is required then a public cloud deployment model should be selected else any deployment model can be selected.

Speed Trend Spectrum of deployment model options with speed to service trending towards public cloud. Longevity Temporary requirements, such as generating a proof of concept, are well suited for a public cloud environment as little investment is required and, particularity with Software-as-a-Service, provides turn-key solutions.

If the application is expected to meet a long-term need, then any deployment model can be used else, for a short-term need, a public cloud deployment model should be selected. Longevity Trend Spectrum of deployment model options with appropriate for transitory requirement trending towards public cloud.

Elasticity Consider how your requirements will grow with time.

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Does the program require capacity on-demand at peak periods? Connectivity How integrated is your solution with other applications? What integrations are part of your solution? Are analytics a requirement?

Sensitivity Beyond categorizing data as being protected or classified, the sensitivity of the information must also be considered. If stakeholders view the sensitivity of the data to be high, a private cloud or non-cloud environment may be preferred Else, public cloud environments are preferred.

Sensitivity Trend Sensitivity Trend - Text version Spectrum of deployment model options with increasingly sensitive workloads trending towards private cloud and non-cloud options. Elasticity Workloads that expect to support high or rapid growth of data storage, bandwidth, or processing power require elasticity.

Managing the selection process of cloud

As the consumption of resources grow the ability to add new resources on-demand becomes important. Public clouds provide highly scalable environments, however the financial impacts must also be considered. With time, if the resource requirements of the application will remain stable, any deployment model can be considered.

If the requirements will grow or shrink then a public cloud deployment model should be used. Elasticity Trend Elasticity Trend - Text version Spectrum of deployment model options with elastic workloads trending towards public cloud and static workloads trending towards non-cloud options.

Connectivity It is often the case that applications are not isolated silos of data, but instead highly integrated with other applications to orchestrate business processes. One must consider the impact to deploying applications across environments.

While public cloud providers are increasingly providing integration technologies and application programmer interfaces APIsthese technologies can solve cloud integration issues.

Managing the selection process of cloud

Connectivity Trend Connectivity Trend - Text version Spectrum of deployment model options with isolated workloads trending towards public cloud and connected workloads trending towards non-cloud options.

Application Location Consider the impact of latency. High chatter applications are sensitive to solution that is physically distant from the users. Innovation Is your program service delivery is expected to evolve with new technologies and trends?Managing Customers of Selection: After defining the stages of a customer-based selection system as development, assessment, and feedback, in this section, they consider how to manage the needs of the customers during each of these selection stages.

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