How would you characterise the contemporary

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How would you characterise the contemporary

The events of the play often turn on her actions, and her behavior could be said to be a major reason for the escalation of the events in Salem Village that eventually led to the execution of eighteen people.

The play is a fictionalization of the actual historical events, and it has been reported in Abigail Williams is a central figure in the play and perhaps one of the most significant dramatic presences within it.


The play is a fictionalization of the actual historical events, and it has been reported in historical documents that Abigail was only 11 years old at the time the trials took place though she was a servant in the Proctor householdso it is not clear if Abigail was in fact responsible for as much of what happened as The Crucible conveys.

However, in pinpointing the capricious nature of a young servant girl who seeks attention and revenge after being spurned by her employer who she seducedthe author wisely emphasizes the motivating factors that helped cause this debacle. Abigail is motivated by love and lust, as well as a desire to remove Elizabeth as an obstacle; while Proctor is motivated by guilt and shame, as well as anger at Abigail for her lies and manipulation, and a desire to protect Elizabeth.

While it is true that girls in the 17th century married and had children at much younger ages than they tend to in contemporary society, it is still a bit of a stretch for Miller to frame the witch trials as having been caused in part by an illicit affair.

The girls who acted as "officials of the court" were mainly servants with poor prospects for marriage. As servants, many of them would have been mistreated. They certainly were not used to be the center of attention or even being listened to.

How would you characterise the contemporary

When it became apparent that the villagers and the magistrates were looking at their behavior and listening to their words, they became intoxicated by the attention and ego-gratification.

Adolescent sexuality is a powerful force in culture, and surrounded with taboos as well; and the portrayal of a young woman with sexual agency is often seen as threatening, and the seductive nature of female witches is in fact a major theme in the literature of the witchcraft hysteria in Europe and Colonial America.

The Malleus Maleficarum, written in Germany in the 16th century as a guide for hunting witches, states "All witchcraft stems from carnal desire, which is in women insatiable.

How would you characterise the contemporary

By emphasizing the threatening nature of female sexuality, but positioning it alongside the childlike jealousy and vindictiveness Abigail displays, we can read this as a commentary upon the assumptions made about female sexuality, not only in terms of the Salem witch trials but as they apply to similar events throughout history.

Miller astutely utilizes this trope as a way of humanizing the history of these events, to help make the fallible behavior of the characters resonate with modern audiences.Contemporary Examples.

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He likes small windows and greatly dislikes the sweeping areas of glass and metal that characterise the work of Richard Rogers. Imagining Prince Charles as King Makes All of Britain Wish They Could Leave Like Scotland.

Clive Irving. September 17, Some Thoughts on Contemporary Haiku Practice Martin Berner, translated by David Cobb to formal criteria. Haiku is poetry. And our own poetic traditions you might characterise, in a grossly simplified way, as being discursive, descriptive of feelings, and metaphorical.

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Answered Mar 25, a mix between wonderfully modern, cultured cities and remote rural locales, etc and the most famous city in Australia is Sydney. Sydney is known as as Australia's only global city and the leading. Get an answer for 'How would you describe Abigail?' and find homework help for other The Crucible questions at eNotes to help make the fallible behavior of the characters resonate with modern.

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Contemporary Examples. of characterised. In order to be characterised as evil, I think your probably need to do evil things for evil reasons.

characterise. verb (tr) to be a characteristic of loneliness characterized the place;.

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