How to write a story about friendship

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How to write a story about friendship

All the above can serve the purpose. You can start your writing with a thesis statement; it is to guide a reader to the main point. A hook for a compare and contrast essay can vary. You can find one or two best features of the two discussed objects and write them as the opening sentence of your piece, creating interest for a reader.

Alternatively, you can intrigue the reader with a question, quotation, or a scene. In case you want to use a key feature as a hooking element in an essay, it is recommended repeating the same within the body of your writing.

To write a good hook in an essay requires particular skills, but practicing will help you find the best solution for certain cases. Here we go with the mixed example: Early Puzzles and Dissected Maps as Imperial Heuristics This beginning is a good example of how a fact can be used in an intro.

Readers tend to pay attention to those works which provide them with new information. And starting with a date and an interesting fact is a brilliant hooking idea.

Short, clear, and powerful. Although there is no question mark at the end, the intro above belongs to the category of 'posing a question. We know the article is on the failure and the ways people react to it.

The rhetorical question-like intro is hooking because the majority of readers will want to know why some people choke and other people stress.

A fact or question works well with the analysis paper. Think of any sentence or paragraph which can force your readers to analyse contents. Try to help arise necessary questions and social problems by your speech: Life changes in the instant.

You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends. The question of self-pity. Here, Joan Didion starts with her own poem which 'tunes' readers and let them know in advance what the whole text is about.

Mind the way you format quotes depends on different academic writing styles. Try to memorize an example of a brief story from famous people to capture the attention of your reader.

Such essay's hook points to the importance of the topic or question with the help of a real-life example. The best examples include recalling the story of Helen Keller. She managed to write beautiful books being blinded from her birth. You may use a story of some celebrity like Bon Jovi to stress the importance of helping disabled people by attending them in the hospitals.

When you create an essay, you are not supposed to recall examples from your life. You are encouraged to share stories of people who figure as your role models.

They don't have to be famous, but their stories should serve as the perfect essay hook related to your chosen topic. Or, at least, seeking to lower a wattage a bit. Reader deals with a perfect personal story.Writing a recipe book title, like everything else about thoughtfully publishing a book--involves work.

For example, if you've written a simple story to help young children start reading, your list might include: Gather some friends of friends to help (more neutral than actual friends; bribing them with food and drink usually works. I would fall apart if we ever stopped talking or if anything ever happens to our friendship.

Everyday it just grows stronger and stronger. You are worth more than real gold, you are worth more than a real diamond and you are worth more than true love.

Six word stories - Show students one six word story at a time and have them finish it or retell the story with that sentence being the first or last sentence in their story. Six word stories. Its funny how the simplest of things can have the heaviest impact.

How can I write a story of a personal encounter in an accident.

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how to write a story about friendship

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“Friends are a strange, volatile, contradictory, yet sticky phenomenon. They are made, crafted, shaped, molded, created by focused effort and intent. And yet, true friendship, once recognized, in its .

Write a Short Essay on Friendship