How to write a picture book cover letter

It is part business letter informationalpart sales copy. It is important to remember that the below advice is based on general recommendations, you should always read and adhere to the guidelines that each publishing house and literary agent sets out.

How to write a picture book cover letter

Queries and Covers You hear the terms query letter and cover letter a lot in this business. A cover letter literally covers sits on top of the manuscript you are mailing in. Cover letters are what we use mostly as picture book writers.

On occasion you will find a publisher or agent who wishes to be queried first about a picture book. Basics of Cover Letters 1. No more than one page 2.

Business letter format, single spaced, an acceptable font just like your manuscript. I use Times New Roman, 12 pt.


Sometimes a company will require you send an unsolicited manuscript to Manuscript Submissions or a similar title. Always do what the company requires. Start with a hook.

I know at Smith Publishing you like books with humor, strong characters, and surprise endings. I think my wacky tale about Festus, a flamingo who hates seafood, warm weather, and being pink, would be a nice fit for your list. In the last paragraph of your letter tell a bit about yourself—but stay professional.

Being a school teacher, working in a library, reading to children every Saturday at the community center may give you credibility.

how to write a picture book cover letter

This was not an unsolicited submission, but for the most part the cover letter would work if the manuscript had been unsolicited.First-Time Picture Book Author Cover Letters, Exposed!

I read a lot of articles on how to write a query and a cover letter. The first online group I joined was Children’s Book Insiders (CBI). In this blog, we will come to know about the picture book cover letter. We . A cover letter is essentially a business letter introducing your story and yourself to the editor.

The tone should be friendly but professional. If you are submitting electronically, your email will be your cover letter. anatomy of a query letter. by Cynthea; Posted on May 29, and I wanted to thank you for your invitation to send picture book submissions your way.

and you happen to have grown up there, that might be relevant.

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If you write a book that involves a lot of physics because the character is some sort of mini-rocket scientist and YOU’RE. writing a cover letter Your manuscript should always be accompanied by a short cover letter.

A cover letter is essentially a business letter introducing your .

how to write a picture book cover letter

Writing a Cover Letter. Posted on April 14, by Kit Carstairs April 2, You will be happy to hear that cover letters aren’t actually too complicated to write. The cover letter should be no longer than two A4 pages (preferably one) and made up of a few brief paragraphs, see below for the breakdown of what should be in the cover letter.

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters by Jacqueline K. Ogburn. The text should have the title of your manuscript and what type of book -- picture book, easy-to-read, nonfiction, etc. It should be simple and direct and signed.

A fiction query letter might be the toughest kind to write. It should be short, but contain.

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters