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With the ho-stalemate continuing at the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil boys' hostel in Mumbai University's Kalina campus, another controversy has surfaced at the property. While outstation students are forced to pick unaffordable living options because of the unavailability of the hostel, employees of the varsity's canteen have made it their home. The hostel, which can accommodate around students, has been closed for over two years after continuous complaints by residents regarding its dangerous condition.

Hostel ddday

It was assaulted on June 6, D-Day of the invasionby elements of the U. In the predawn hours of D-Day, units of the 82nd and st airborne divisions were airdropped inland from the landing beach.

They suffered many casualties from drowning and enemy fire but succeeded in their aim of isolating the seaborne invasion force from defending German units.

The landing beach Located on the eastern shore of the base of the Cotentin Peninsula, Utah Beach was a late addition to the areas scheduled for invasion.

Eisenhowersupreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, added it to ensure an early capture of the port of Cherbourg at the northern tip of the peninsula. The Utah landing area was approximately 5 km 3 miles wide and was located northwest of the Carentan estuary on sandy, duned beaches.

Compared with German fortifications at Omaha Beachthe defenses at Utah, based on fixed infantry positions, were sparse because the low-lying areas immediately behind the landing area were flooded and the Germans could control the flooding with locks.

Four causeways exited the beach through the flooded lowlands and severely restricted movement inland. Defenses along the causeways consisted mostly of strongpoints equipped with automatic weapons.

Hostel ddday

Some 3 km 2 miles inland were coastal and field artillery batteries. The defending forces consisted of elements of the German th, rd, and 91st infantry divisions. The invasion was planned for Tare Green and Uncle Red, with the number 3 causeway almost in the middle of the landing area. H-Hour that is, the time at which the first wave of landing craft would hit the beach was scheduled for hours.

The beach was to be assaulted by the U. The plan was to cross the beach and seize control of the coast roads, link up with airborne troops who were to have been dropped inland five hours earlier, and then be prepared to attack toward Cherbourg.

The 8th Infantry Regiment was to attack first; supported by 32 special amphibious Sherman tanks in the first wave, it was to land opposite Les Dunes de Varreville, a well-fortified area. The landing plan went wrong from the beginning. Strong currents beset the landing craft, and the area was obscured by smoke from the preceding shore bombardment.

But the main problem was the loss of three of the four designated control craft to mines. The fourth control craft eventually rounded up the confused landing craft looking for directions and, using a bullhorn for communication, led them in.

The force landed 1, metres 2, yards east of the designated landing area, in the less-defended Victor sector and almost astride causeway number 2. Amphibious tanks are lined up at the water's edge.

Map of Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6,showing the initial amphibious and airborne assault routes and the areas of German resistance. Three hours later exits 1, 2, and 3 had been secured, and by hours contact had been made with paratroopers from the st Airborne Division around the town of Pouppeville.

For an assault that had begun with such terrible confusion, the Utah Beach landings ended as a spectacular success beyond the most optimistic expectations. The 1,metre error had placed the landing force away from the heavily defended area of Les Dunes de Varreville and into a less-defended section of beach.

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Twenty thousand troops and 1, motorized vehicles had landed at Utah with surprisingly few casualties—fewer than men. The Germans had not counterattacked the seaborne assault, owing to the success of the Allied airborne troops in holding the roads that led to the beach approaches and also to confusion among the German commanders as to exactly where the main attack was taking place.

The Germans, however, were in a position to counterattack in the Cotentin Peninsula at the end of D-Day. Cotentin Peninsula air-assault zones Paratroopers from the U. The drop zones for the st Division were labeled A, C, and D and were in the vicinity of roads leading from Utah Beach.

German forces in the Cotentin capable of countering the airborne divisions were two regiments from the 91st Division including one battalion of tanks and the 6th Parachute Regiment. The main defense of the Cotentin, however, was natural: The commander of German forces in Normandy, Field Marshal Erwin Rommelhad ordered the lock at La Barquette to be opened at high tide in order to flood the area and closed at low tide to hold the waters in.

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The entire lowland of the Douve and Merderet rivers was thus a constant marsh. The objective of the st Airborne, commanded by Major General Maxwell Taylorwas to seize the inland sides of the four causeways leading from Utah Beach in order to allow the 4th Infantry Division to exit the beach during the dawn invasion.

In addition, they were to destroy two highway bridges and a railroad bridge north of Carentan on the only good routes across the swamp that the Germans could use to move to the flank of the invasion area. Finally, they were to seize and hold the lock at La Barquette. National Archives, Washington, D.

Beginning at hours on D-Day minus 1, more than C aircraft began to transport 13, men of the two divisions from England to the Cotentin Peninsula. The drops of both divisions suffered from scattering—due to a lack of navigational aids as well as enemy ground fire, which forced transport pilots to take evasive action.Oneday is a hostel meant to be a memorable PIECE of your journey.

The bedrooms that hold all the equipment you'll need, with the spacious common area such as the lounge and terrace area for backpackers. In this system, we can easily manage the hostel details, room details, student records, mess expenditure, mess bill calculation, easy way of room allocation and hostel attendance.

The main feature of this project is easy to allocate for the student and also easy to calculate mess bill. Hostel Ddday basics and felt happiness with sorrows, People of Old hostel, To thee I bow" It feels like yesterday when all of us came together as “freshers”, when we met each other, sat together for group studies a day before of the exam, it feels like yesterday when we had all the fun together.

Individual hostels may have special booking conditions relating to group stays, please read the hostel booking conditions carefully before making your reservation.

Hostel Specific Terms & Conditions The remainder of the amount due will be charged to your credit card on arrival. Jan 06,  · Watch video · 3 backpackers are in Amsterdam where they get locked out of their youth hostel.

Hostel ddday

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