Galactosemia research paper

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Galactosemia research paper

Pathophysiology[ edit ] Fructose is absorbed in the small intestine without help of digestive enzymes. These effects are additive with other short-chain poorly absorbed carbohydrates such as sorbitol.

The clinical significance of these events depends upon the response of the bowel to such changes. Some effects of fructose malabsorption are decreased tryptophan[9] folic acid [10] and zinc in the blood. It is called a hydrogen breath test and is the method currently used for a clinical diagnosis.

Nevertheless, some authors argue this test is not an appropriate diagnostic tool, because a negative result does not exclude a positive response to fructose restriction, implying a lack of sensitivity.

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For example, people may tolerate fruits such as grapefruits or bananas, which contain similar amounts of fructose and glucose, but apples are not tolerated because they contain high levels of fructose and lower levels of glucose. Dietary supplements of xylose isomerase may improve the symptoms of fructose malabsorption.

Foods and beverages containing greater than 0. However, the concept of a 'high fructose load' has not been evaluated in terms of its importance in the success of the diet. Foods containing sorbitolpresent in some diet drinks and foodsand occurring naturally in some stone fruitsor xylitolpresent in some berries, and other polyols sugar alcoholssuch as erythritol, mannitol, and other ingredients that end with -tol, commonly added as artificial sweeteners in commercial foods.

Foods containing high fructose corn syrup. Foods with a high glucose content ingested with foods containing excess fructose may help sufferers absorb the excess fructose. However, it is recommended that fructan intake for fructose malabsorbers should be kept to less than 0.Klenner Vitamin C Paper Home: Journal of Applied Nutrition Vol.

Galactosemia research paper

23, No's 3 & 4, Winter Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology. This research paper provides information about the genetic part of Galactosemia, the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment.

The first trace of information that was brought to light about galactosemia was in by Von Ruess. The research study utilizes both biochemical and genetic analyses to investigate why some patients with galactosemia are more severely affected than others, what different types of mutations cause galactosemia, and how specific mutations may influence patient outcome.

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Galactosemia Essays

Only at". Jun 25,  · Galactosemia, which means “galactose in the blood”, is a rare inherited condition. People with galactosemia have problems digesting a type of sugar called galactose from the food they eat.

People with galactosemia have problems digesting a type of sugar called galactose from the food they eat. Accurately detect disorders in newborns earlier and more efficiently with our market-leading neonatal screening products. We offer laboratories complete systems of high-quality, validated products, including newborn screening kits, consumables, instruments and software.

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