Employee morale research paper

And, how can they help your organization? First, let us define what an employee suggestion program is: When implemented well, your organization can reach new heights. More involvement and input for employees and improved efficiency and cost-savings for employers.

Employee morale research paper

However, there is a direct correlation between how involved employees are in the decision making in their department or team and their overall morale, motivation, and satisfaction with their jobs.

Companies and departments who have a higher level of employee involvement in decision making show higher levels of employee motivation and satisfaction.

All managers and supervisors would like everyone to think that they involve employees in the decision making of their department or team. But, if you ask each employee in your department the following five questions in an anonymous survey, would they strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree?

My supervisor puts my ideas or suggestions to use. My supervisor trusts me. My supervisor forgives me if I make a mistake. There are many benefits of involving employees in the decision making of your company or department.

Based on data analysis from employee satisfaction surveys, the following are six of the most important benefits: The associates feel they are a valued part of the team.

The associates are able to make better day-to-day decisions because they have accurate information regarding the direction of the company or department.

Managers and supervisors who do not share information or involve associates in the decision making are usually the same people who complain that associates are unable to make good decisions.

The associates feel a stronger bond of responsibility for making the decision. When you are responsible for making a decision, and the decision turns out to be a bad one, you do whatever you can to correct the decision and make things right.

The same is true for everyone. The associates will focus more of their energy on future-oriented problem solving rather than blaming their current problems on management.

Employee morale research paper

When people know they make a difference, they find it easier to be motivated and satisfied with their job. When associates are able to make the decisions that impact their work, it frees up the manager or supervisor to work on more future-oriented issues that will ultimately make the department or company even more successful.

With this new knowledge, the manager can lead a discussion on what changes will have to occur in the next decade to meet the changing customer demands. In addition, managers will have more time for changing procedures and refining processes.

Employee morale research paper

Involving associates sounds easy. It is, but there are some basic philosophical challenges every manager or supervisor must overcome. These are some of the challenges: It takes more time up front to involve associates.

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It takes trust on behalf of the manager. It takes forgiveness on the part of the manager Involvement is worth the risk. It results in associates who are dedicated, committed, and who produce greater results…both in quality and in profits…than a group of associates who are not involved.

Nov 21,  · New research examines the benefits by using a test case and a control group within a single Fortune company. Dec 08,  · The fake pirate flag flown by some weekend boaters is an apt motto for what has become of many employee engagement surveys. “The beatings will continue,” it says, “until morale improves.”. 3 ph-vs.com • Boosts employee morale, team building, loyalty, productivity, motivation and reduces absenteeism. • Attracts new hires, especially millenials.

You will be satisfied with the long-term results.Turner, Michael, "A mixed method study on factors that influence employee morale of full-time live-in professional staff at two single-gender institutions of higher education: implications for educational leaders" ().ETD Collection for AUC Robert W.

Woodruff ph-vs.com ABSTRACT EDUCATIONALLEADERSHIP conductingthis research. Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for our clients. Involving Employees in Decision Making is a Key to Employee Engagement.

Over the last several years, Peter Barron Stark Companies has surveyed the opinions of over , employees in companies throughout the United States. employee morale and customer satisfaction, an increase in employee and customer retention rates, and a positive long-term outlook for the company's successful performance Barbara ().

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