Diplomacy master thesis topics

Research programmes leading to a PhD are designed to produce professional social scientists well versed in a range of social science techniques and methods, in addition to having an in-depth knowledge of a particular area. In preparing your application you might find it useful to look at the following: Students in some departments may be permitted to submit a final thesis by a series of papers, with a linking introduction and conclusion. In addition, all students will normally be required to attend certain taught courses.

Diplomacy master thesis topics

Students are free in the selection of the topic for the thesis, but must do so in consultation with potential thesis supervisors. The several courses offered in this Master program help students focus on a challenging and relevant topic to be explored in a thesis. The thesis is written under the supervision of two members of the departmental faculty or one member of the department in cooperation with a staff member of Clingendael who is teaching in this programme.

One of these two experts is the primary supervisor. The second supervisor co-decides about the approval of the thesis proposal and about the thesis assessment and grade, and can be consulted during the process of research and writing.

The 2nd supervisor is assigned by the educational coordinator Dr.

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During the first semester of the second year of studies, the student is expected to start work on the thesis and, by the end of the semester, to submit a thesis proposal to the primary supervisor.

This proposal must include a problem statement, theoretical foundation, conceptualization and, if applicable, operationalisation of key variables, and the methodology and techniques for data collection and analysis. The thesis work should be completed in the fourth block of the second year of the MA program.

In general, the thesis should be no shorter than 40 pages ca. The MA thesis needs to comply with high standards of academic research and writing. In various courses offered in this program, the student will learn how to write academic papers and how to conduct research in topics relevant to international relations, international organization and political science more generally.

Among the criteria used to evaluate the thesis are its originality, consistency, academic and if applicable, societal relevance, the choice of an adequate theoretical framework, the correct application of analytical methods, the quality of data collection, and presentation of the text.

It is important that the thesis is consistent, clear and original in the sense of constituting a contribution to ongoing research. Procedure Each thesis is supervised by two faculty members of the Department of Political Science at Leiden University.

One of the supervisors may be a faculty member of Clingendael teaching in this program. First, the student draws up a thesis proposal that needs to be approved by both supervisors before actual work on the thesis can begin.

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Regular supervision is in the hands of the first supervisor. The second supervisor approves the proposal, together with the first supervisor, in the beginning of the supervision process and co-evaluates it with the first supervisor once the thesis is completed.

Actual supervision starts with the first supervisor discussing the thesis proposal with the student in depth, possibly leading to improvements.

Generally, several rounds of discussion and revision are needed until the proposal can be accepted.

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Once the first supervisor accepts the thesis proposal, it is submitted to the second supervisor. If the second supervisor considers the outline still to be inadequate, he or she communicates to the first supervisor which improvements are needed.

The first supervisor discusses the requested improvements with the student. Once both supervisors agree with the outline, a meeting is scheduled with the student in which the first supervisor, and if possible also the second supervisor, participate.

The student and the first supervisor agree on a schedule and the ways in which supervision is to take place.EMA’s academic excellence in teaching, research and practical training is a testament to the spirit shared by professors, experts, students and staff: genuine dedication to the advancement of global values and human dignity through inter-university cooperation, interdisciplinarity and an action-oriented approach.

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diplomacy master thesis topics
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