Deloitte case study uk

It's been recently acquired by another company and is going through some trouble. My advice is not to spend too much time on the first page, as it was talking about the different divisions, locations of factories and the organisation setup which really didn't have anything to add to the overall solution. I finished exactly on time, and my advice is to read the questions first, then read the case as it will help you understand what pieces to concentrate on

Deloitte case study uk

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Andrew Karpie - June 1, 6: There has been discussion in recent years about whether or not emerging online work intermediation platforms — like HourlyNerd, Topcoder, Experfy and UpCounsel, to name a few — could have a disruptive effect on traditional professional services businesses.

The jury may still be out on that question. Once pixelated, we can assess which crowd is best to execute the pixels of work, in collaboration with Deloitte and client resources.

This approach allows us to best optimize the labor mix between crowdsourcing and traditional resourcing. Deloitte also emphasized that Pixel is itself not a crowdsourcing platform that aggregates talent but rather that the approach is to rely on external crowdsourcing vendors and the unique talent they aggregate and supply with different degrees of liquidity.

The crowd can offer enterprises an innovative way to find new solutions to traditional problems while creating opportunities for individuals to change the way they work and learn new skills. Pixel is just one part of Deloitte's comprehensive talent strategy, which includes implementing internal crowd efforts and other open-talent models.

Spend Matter Observations While we intend to follow up with Deloitte to do a much deeper dive on Pixel, at this time we do have some key observations for contingent workforce and services procurement: The introduction of Pixel by Deloitte, like the advent of the PWC Talent Exchange, suggests that some professional services firms may be transforming from within.

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How far this may go and to what extent it may eventually affect quality output to cost ratios remains to be seen. How much will professional services remain vulnerable to disintermediation by platforms? Enterprise use of crowdsourcing models is on an upward trend. Crowdsourcing ideation models, for example, have been showing significant uptake in a range of verticals among larger enterprises.

Total talent management is a vision — the digital enablement of the supply and consumption of contingent work and services is already in progress. What is emerging will present contingent workforce and services procurement professionals with both opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities will include providing much-needed labor and talent in more liquid and cost-efficient ways that will benefit both business users and the enterprise overall.

Deloitte case study uk

Digitally-enabled, consumerized work-as-a-service is already being embraced by enterprise business users. Challenges, however, in the coming years will be many. What we are describing is a completely new, unmapped territory that will be very different from the supplier landscape and suppliers procurement has grown accustomed to.

For example, there are almost as many meanings of crowdsourcing as there are people you might use in the process — and it does not end there.

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While many practitioners may view these developments as far off, they probably are not, which is why Spend Matters is focused on research and analysis in this area to address open questions and provide practice-oriented frameworks and information to guide contingent workforce and services procurement professionals along this path to increased enterprise performance and business user enablement and satisfaction.The case study is used, but this test is much less structured and quantitative than in top tier strategy and management consulting firms.

Deloitte Recruitment Process Deloitte recruitment process focuses much more on. Jun 18,  · Written exercise case study based on a pharmaceuticals firm called Medicare - they have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system as part of ‘Project 2’, a business transformation project in the USA.

Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee ("DTTL"), its network of member firms, and their related entities.

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DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. Regarding your question about the Deloitte case interview, I wrote a detailed note of my view on categorizing cases based on firms.

Deloitte case study uk

Analysing the scope of initiating e-commerce in Deloitte UK- A CASE STUDY Introduction The following case study reviews the scope of introducing an e commerce solution for one of the leading companies in the UK- the Deloitte LLP.

We have placed a significant focus on our firm’s culture, to ensure our workplace is somewhere where women (and indeed all our people) can balance a successful career with commitments outside.

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