An introduction to the issue of hurricane georges in new orleans

A Week of Crisis August 29 - September 5 Eastward from Lake Pontchartrain, across the Mississippi coast, to Alabama into Florida, millions of lives were changed in a day by a cruel and wasteful storm. Bush, September 15, Landfall Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a powerful Category 3 storm at 6: The massive storm continued to move north, rolling over portions of the Louisiana coast before its eye came ashore near the mouth of the Pearl River in Mississippi.

An introduction to the issue of hurricane georges in new orleans

Hurricane Georges and Meteorological history of Hurricane Georges Hurricane Georges began as a tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa during mid-September Tracking westward, the wave spawned an area of low pressure two days later, which quickly strengthened into a tropical depression.

Upon landfall, the hurricane's forward motion slowed to an eastward drift. The following day, the watch was upgraded to a hurricane warning when the storm neared landfall. A hurricane watch was also issued for areas between Morgan City and Intracoastal City. When forecasts indicated a landfall east of the state, the hurricane watch was canceled and the hurricane warning amended to a tropical storm warning.

The nine shelters opened throughout the area were collectively capable of accommodating up topeople. A curfew was instituted for those who ignored evacuation orders or could not leave the city.

Elsewhere, about 31, others took refuge in shelters set up throughout the state.

An introduction to the issue of hurricane georges in new orleans

In Jefferson Parish, roughly 3, people evacuated to public shelters, while 20, temporarily moved to Orleans Parish, 14, of whom were located in the Louisiana Superdome.

In Plaquemines Parishabout 15, residents evacuated and 2, took refuge in public shelters. Due to the large-scale evacuations, off-duty state troopers and national guard troops were deployed to help speed up the process.

Only two highways, U. Route 90 and Interstate 10 lead in and out of New Orleans; however, heavy rains from previous storms flooded parts of US 90, hindering preparation efforts. Ronnie Jones of the Louisiana state police noted that the evacuation was "probably the largest [ A storm surge of 8.

The combination of high winds and surge cut power to most of the area and flooded at least 50 homes, all of which were located outside the levee system.

An introduction to the issue of hurricane georges in new orleans

Tammany Parishthe storm's effects were mainly limited to wind damage: A storm surge of 4. In Orleans Parisha storm surge of 5. Throughout the state, a total ofhomes and businesses lost power due to the hurricane.

John the Baptist, St. Tammany, Terrebone, Tangipahoa, and Washington Parishes. The declaration allowed residents to receive individual and public assistance. Rescue teams flew nearly 50 missions in response to calls for help from stranded residents.After riding out Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and a harrowing escape from the floods caused by broken levees, Alma Dixon saw rebuilding her damaged house more as a healing process than a business proposition.

The effects of Hurricane Georges in Louisiana included $ million in damage and three deaths. Forming from a tropical wave over the Atlantic Ocean, Georges attained a peak intensity of mph ( km/h) on September 20, The New Orleans Flood and Hurricane Protection System. Much of New Orleans is located below sea level; with the Mississippi River to the south, Lake Pontchartrain to the north, and Lake Borgne to the east, the area is prone to flooding from the river, the lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Katrina raged ashore on Monday, August 29th carrying with it a storm surge that caused over 50 breeches of New Orleans’s protective levee system and submerged some 80% of the city. Much of the city of New Orleans is built below sea-level and a majority of the suburbanization that has shaped the city has been hastily built in areas that were once marshland and swamps.

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Most helpful . Since Hurricane Katrina, much of her work at the DSCEJ has focused on research, policy, outreach, assistance and education of displaced African-American residents of New Orleans. She has been an advocate of the safe return of residents, addressing the critical issues of health and environmental restoration and monitoring fairness as it .

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